Showbiz Mother by Jen Hughes

Sweeping in, with a fur coat

Cigarette holder in hand

“That’s my daughter, don’t you know?

Isn’t she grand?”


“Oh dahling the crowd is mad

For her. I raised her you know.”

Casually chattering to a stranger

Who wants to go home.


But tobacco makes you choke

And fur makes you cry

So I am quite glad that you

Don’t have those things tonight.


You come and cheer at all

My gigs, however small.

You’ve no idea how happy I am

That you’ve come along.


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Jen Hughes is a young writer from Ayrshire, Scotland who has been furiously scribbling stories and world building since she was first writing sentences. She is a regular contributor to Outlet Publishing‘s ‘Diary of a Young Writer’ blog, and is studying English Literature and Film & TV Studies. She’s also been published in various online magazines, such as The Oletangy Review, The McStorytellers, Paragraph Planet and Pulp Metal Magazine.  If you liked “Showbiz Mother” and “Philosophy”, you can find her up-to-date portfolio of poetry and short fiction on, follow her on Twitter (@dearoctopus4), give her a like on Facebook (Dear octopus writing) or follow her Tumblr blog (

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