J.L. Corbett

author photo 3

J.L. Corbett is the editor of Idle Ink. Her short stories have been featured in MoonPark ReviewParagraph Planet, Schlock! WebzineTL;DR Women’s Anthology: Carrying FireThe Cabinet of HeedSTORGY Magazine and others. She owns more books than she can ever possibly read and doesn’t get out much.

Twitter: @JL_Corbett


She Outruns the Humdrum


Richard Alexander

Richard Alexander studied Creative Writing at Winchester University and now lives in Norwich, UK with his wife and cat. He is currently working on his debut novel but also enjoys experimenting with shorter varieties of fiction when time allows (under the watchful eye of Quentin… his cat).

Twitter: @RichardA_Writer

A Weird Little Thing Called Life


Mileva Anastasiadou

mileva anastasiadou

Mileva Anastasiadou is a neurologist. Her work can be found in many journals, such as the Molotov CocktailJellyfish ReviewAsymmetry FictionThe Sunlight PressGhost ParachuteGone Lawn and others.

Facebook: milevaanastasiadou

Twitter: @happymil_ 

Instagram: @happilander

The Great God Pan is Dead


Cooper Anderson

Cooper Anderson

Cooper Anderson was born in the backwoods of North Carolina where he fell in love with all things strange and fantastical. He is currently earning his master’s degree in creative writing from the University of Glasgow in Scotland. You can find other examples of his work in Flash Fiction Magazine, the Coffin Bell Journal, and in the “Boundless” Anthology printed by Vinculinc.

Twitter: @Cooperthewriter

Because We Care


Arlene Antoinette


Arlene Antoinette is a writer who enjoys dabbling in poetry, flash fiction and song lyrics. Additional poetry by Arlene may be found at Foxglove Journal, Cagibi Lit, Better Than Starbucks, With Painted Words, London Grip, Literary Heist and Your Daily Poem.

On a Visit to the Doctor


David S. Atkinson

David S Atkinson

David S. Atkinson is the author of books such as Roses are Red, Violets are Stealing Loose Change from my Pockets While I SleepApocalypse All the Time, and the Nebraska book award winning Not Quite so Stories. He is a Staff Reader for Digging Through The Fat and his writing appears in SpelkJellyfish ReviewThrice Fiction, Literary Orphans, and more. His writing website is

Jack Banfield

Jack is a third year Creative Student at Bath Spa University. When not writing or studying, Jack spends his time working outside and trying to tame his Norwegian Forest Cat, Albus Dumblepaws. This is his first published story.

Twitter: @CCornbeef

The Wheels on the Bus


Cath Barton

Cath Barton

Cath Barton is an English writer who lives in Wales. Her debut novella The Plankton Collector is published by New Welsh Rarebyte. Cath is on the 2018 Literature Wales Mentoring programme, working on a short story collection inspired by the work of the Flemish artist Hieronymus Bosch.


C.R. Berry

C.R. Berry is a British author with a penchant for mystery and conspiracy and a big hard-on for time travel. His forthcoming novel, Million Eyes, is Doctor Who meets The Da Vinci Code meets 24.

Berry has been published in Phantaxis, Suspense Magazine, Storgy, Tigershark, Scribble and Metamorphose. He won second prize in the To Hull and Back Humorous Short Story Competition 2014, was shortlisted in the Aeon Award Contest 2015, and was highly commended by Writers’ Forum in 2016.

You can follow C.R. Berry at, or find him on Twitter and Facebook (@CRBerry1).

Operation Loch Ness


Russ Bickerstaff

russ bickerstaff

Russ Bickerstaff is a professional theatre critic and aspiring author living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with his wife and two daughters. His short fictions have appeared in over 30 different publications including Hypertext Magazine, Pulp Metal Magazine, Sein und Werden, and Theme of Absence.

The Kiosk


Michael Bloor

Michael Bloor is a retired sociologist living in Dunblane, Scotland, who has discovered the exhilarations of short fiction. Recent publications include The Drabble, The Cabinet of Heed, Ink Sweat & Tears, Occulum, The Copperfield Review, Scribble, Dodging the Rain, Everyday Fiction, The Fiction Pool, Firewords, and Spelk.

Wunnerful Radio Sherwoo-oood…

An Email from Tommy Cooper


Robert Boucheron

Robert Boucheron grew up in Syracuse and Schenectady, New York. From 1978 to 2016, he worked as an architect in New York City and Charlottesville, Virginia. His short stories and essays appear in Fiction International, London Journal of Fiction, New Haven Review, Poydras Review, The Short Story, and other magazines.



Allegheny Spa


Christopher Branson

Christopher Branson lives in London, UK.  He is working on a novel called A Fool’s Guide to Glory.

Twitter: @tarkovskysdog

Keep Writing, They Said


Peter Caffrey

Peter Caffrey

Peter Caffrey is a writer of fiction with an absurdist leaning. His novel, The Devil’s Hairball, is currently available, with a new novella, The Butcher’s Other Daughter, scheduled for later in 2019. His work has appeared, or will shortly appear, in Infernal Ink, Horror Sleaze Trash, Danse Macabre, Schlock!, Weird Mask, Literally Stories, the Marbella Times and Twisted Tongue, amongst others. He drinks too much, exercises too little and is unlikely to change.


Twitter: @P_Caffrey

Training Terrence


Steve Campbell

Steve Campbell

Steve Campbell has short fiction published in places such as Sick Lit Magazine, formercactus, Twisted Sister Lit Mag, Spelk and MoonPark Review, and on his website He somehow finds time to manage You can follow him on twitter via @standondog.

Dessert Menu


Valentina Cano

Valentina Cano

Valentina Cano is a student of classical singing who spends whatever free time she has either reading or writing. Her works have appeared in numerous publications and her poetry has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Web. Her debut novel, The Rose Master, was published in 2014 and was called a “strong and satisfying effort” by Publishers Weekly.

Twitter: @valca85

Facebook: valca85



Dazz bio photo

Dazz is an illustrator and animator. His short film “The Life and Death of Amy Johnson” has been screened at the Seventy-Five Second Film Festival, and is currently on display in the Streetlife Museum of Transport in Hull. His most recent work can be viewed on his Dazz Draws Facebook page.

Twitter: @Dazzmanmaggee

Facebook: Dazz Draws

Idle Ink print issue #2, Community & Exile, cover image

Illustration, “Red” by K.R. Tester

Illustration, “She Outruns the Humdrum” by J.L. Corbett

Illustration, “Sylvan” by J. Nolan-Lee

Illustration, “DRONE: A Tale of Life, Work and Chemical Lobotomy” by L.L. Kipling


Salvatore Difalco

Salvatore Difalco’s work has appeared in print and online. He is the author of 4 books. He splits time between Toronto and Sicily. For more:

Time of the Djinns


Jess Doyle

Jess Doyle is an aspiring writer from North Wales. She writes short stories and flash fiction and is currently working on her debut novel. Jess has recently been shortlisted by Horror Scribe. You can find Jess on Twitter as @jcdoyley



Max Dunbar

Max Dunbar lives in West Yorkshire. He blogs at and tweets at @MaxDunbar1.



Edward Field

Edward Field

Edward Field is a writer, editor and the author of Permission to Rage: The Book on How to Complain Effectively, as well as three children’s plays currently on the South African curriculum. He writes and edits fiction, non-fiction, speeches, corporate presentations and brochures and his work has appeared in anthologies, websites and publications including The Stage, Breathe and Reflex Fiction.


Twitter: @EdwardSquircle

September 31st


Anderson Fonseca

anderson fonseca

Born in 1981 in Rio de Janeiro, Anderson Fonseca studied literature at the Universidade Estácio de Sá. He is the author of the short story collections Notas de pensamentos incomuns (2011), O que eu disse ao general (2014), and Sr. Bergier e outras histórias (2016), as well as the novel A ARCA (2018).

Everyone Sleeps at Night


Tony Gary

tony gary

Tony is a writer and an artist from Atlanta, who spends their time contemplating the language of subtle light in dark rooms, slowly succumbing to the desire to be a bat. This is their first publication.

The Lord’s Suicide


Tim Goldstone

Tim Goldstone

Tim Goldstone lives deep in rural Wales, which is probably for the best. Material in print, online and anthologies including The New Welsh Review, Stand, Crannóg, Anti-Heroin Chic, Gloom Cupboard, Ellipsis, Ghost City Review, Cadaverous, Altered States, The Speculative Book; and forthcoming in The Cabinet of Heed, Déraciné, The Trove, Veil: Journal of Darker Musings. Prose sequence read on stage at The Hay Festival.

Twitter: @muddygold.

Alice, Maub & Alvert


Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço

Miguel Guerreiro Lourenco

Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço is a Portuguese writer, currently living and studying in the United Kingdom. A prolific world-builder, Miguel takes on influences of cultures and media around him, along with a passion for linguistics and literature to craft stories in universes that are as rich in detail, as they are in reflections of today’s society. With two webcomics published and a graphic novel in the works, Miguel aspires to entertain as much as inspire his readers.

Twitter: @volpertweets

The Borinian Snapper


Cordelia Harrison

Cordelia Harrison

Cordelia Harrison has a fascination for all things gothic and macabre. She primarily writes dark fiction. Her stories have appeared in Mirror Dance.

Twitter: @astumistress

Instagram: @theodora.raphael

Home Sweet Home


Emily Harrison

A young writer from North Yorkshire, Emily has recently discovered that she actually likes creative writing, despite everything she may have previously said. Quite likely to be found in a local cafe drinking four cups of tea and procrastinating about her work, (someone feed her please), she can also be found on Twitter. She apologises in advance for her tweets.

Twitter: @emily__harrison

The Body Shop

The Fever


Tara Lynn Hawk

Tara Lynn Hawk

Tara Lynn Hawk is a poet and writer whose work has appeared in Occulum, Spelk, Anti-Heroin Chic, Uut, Midnight Lane Gallery, Idle Ink, Spilling Cocoa and more.  Her second chapbook of poems, Rhetorical Wanderlust, is publishing in late January 2018  Her first, The Dead, is available on Smashwords.

Twitter: @taralynnhawk




Matt Hornsby

Matt lives, writes and works in London, United Kingdom. His writing is a mix of the grim mundane and the grim fantastic, and has appeared in Penny Shorts and Electric Spec.

Twitter: @Matth0rnsby

Mates Don’t Grass


Jennifer Howard

Jennifer Howard

Jennifer Howard’s fiction has appeared in The Collagist, VQR, Blue Moon Review, the anthologies “DC Noir” and “Amazing Graces,” and elsewhere. She has published reviews, essays, and features in The Washington Post, the TLS, Humanities, Slate, The Chronicle of Higher Education, McSweeney’s, The Boston Review, Bookforum, and other publications.

Nobody’s Home


Jen Hughes

Jen Hughes

Jen Hughes is a writer from Ayrshire, Scotland. She has been furiously scribbling ideas and writing elaborate stories from as early as age seven. When it comes to blogging, she hopes to make up for her lack of experience with enthusiasm (which seems to be how she approaches most jobs, funnily enough). It’s a learning journey and, in the spirit of the blogger, she’ll be documenting as much as it as possible in her monthly entries. In her fiction and poetry, she has been published in a wide variety of online journals and magazines such as The Pulp Metal Magazine, Idle Ink, McStorytellers and Ogilvie Press; as well as having read out at various open mike and spoken word events in her area. Her up-to-date portfolio of short stories, flash fictions and poems can be found on her website Jen is currently studying English Literature and Flm & TV Studies in Glasgow.

Twitter: @dearoctopus4

Facebook: Dear octopus writing

Tumblr: dearoctopuswriting


Showbiz Mother

Artistic Melodrama in A Minor


Nigel Jarrett

Nigel Jarrett

Nigel Jarrett is a former newspaperman and a double prizewinner: the Rhys Davies Award for short fiction and, in 2016, the inaugural Templar Shorts award. His first story collection, Funderland, published by Parthian, was praised by the Guardian, the Independent, the Times and many others, and was longlisted for the Edge Hill Prize. His debut poetry collection, Miners At The Quarry Pool, also from Parthian, was described by Agenda poetry magazine as ‘a virtuoso performance’. Jarrett’s first novel, Slowly Burning (GG Books) was published in 2016, as was his second story collection, Who Killed Emil Kreisler? (Cultured Llama Publishing). Templar is about to publish his three-story pamphlet, A Gloucester Trilogy. Based in Monmouthshire, Jarrett also writes for Jazz Journal, the Wales Arts Review, Arts Scene in Wales, Slightly Foxed, Acumen poetry magazine, and several others. His poetry, fiction, and essays appear widely. For many years he was a daily newspaper music critic, and now freelances in that capacity. When he can find time, he swims.

Roll Up, Roll Up!


Ross Jeffery

Ross Jeffery

Ross Jeffery is a Bristol based writer and Executive Director of Books for STORGY Magazine. Most often than not found collaborating with Tomek Dzido and Anthony Self with either pen or camera. He is an avid reader of an eclectic mix of fiction and is a lover of the short story form. He is hard at work with his own collection of short stories and a novel for publication in the near future. Ross has been published online at STORGY Magazine and in print with STORGY Books Exit Earth (Daylight Breaks Through) and Project 13 Dark (Bethesda). Ross lives in south Bristol with his wife and two children.

Twitter: @Ross1982

Instagram: rossi_bozzi




B.F. Jones

BF Jones

B.F. Jones is French and has stories in (or soon in) STORGY, The Cabinet of Heed, Train Lit Mag, Soft Cartel, Spelk and Bending Genres.

Twitter: Fijo_Frenchie

Where the old teahouse used to be

Angel Wing


Jake Kendall

Jake Kendall 2

Jake Kendall is a Creative Writing graduate from Cardiff University currently based in his hometown of Oxford. He writes about the moments where tragedy and comedy converge.

You can find him on Twitter: @jakendallox.


Rus Khomutoff

Rus Khomutoff is a neo surrealist poet in Brooklyn, New York. His writing has been featured in Erbacce, Poethead, Full of Crow, Occulum and Burning House Press. Last year he published an ebook called Immaculate Days.

Twitter: @rusdaboss

The Shallow Between to Nick Land

Catharsis Daily


L.L. Kipling

L.L. Kipling has recently been trying to revive his lifelong hobby of creative writing. He developed an interest in dystopian literature throughout school and college. He thinks that maybe the tutors of his generation were trying to make us more vigilant, when in actual fact it was probably just making us more nihilistic. Regardless, he has always loved the way writers take very real issues and blow them to comical proportions that we hope never ring with too much truth. This is his first published work, so he is naturally eager to hear any and all feedback.

DRONE: A Tale of Life, Work and Chemical Lobotomy


A.J. Kirby

A.J. Kirby is the author of the novels The Lost Boys of Prometheus City, When Elephants Walk through the Gorbals, The Magpie Trap and Paint this Town Red. His short fiction has been published across the web, and in magazines, anthologies and literary journals, as well as in two collections: The Art of Ventriloquism and Mix Tape. He was one of 20 Leeds-based authors under 40 shortlisted for the LS13 competition and his novel Paint this Town Red was shortlisted for The Guardian Not the Booker prize.

Twitter: @ajkirbyauthor


Wretched is My Name


Laurence Klavan

Laurence Klavan

Laurence Klavan has had short work published in more than forty literary magazines, and a collection, “‘The Family Unit’ and Other Fantasies,” was published by Chizine. His novels, “The Cutting Room” and “The Shooting Script”, were published by Ballantine. He won the Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America. His graphic novels, “City of Spies” and “Brain Camp”, co-written with Susan Kim, were published by First Second and their YA fiction series, “Wasteland” was published by Harper Collins. He received Drama Desk nominations for the book and lyrics of “Bed and Sofa”, produced by the Vineyard Theater  in New York and the Finborough Theatre in London. 


The Image of His Parents


Aldas Krūminis

Aldas Krūminis is currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Loughborough University. He was a student blogger for and is one of the LSU Label Magazine editors. In his free time he writes poetry, short stories and dreams of one day publishing a book.

Twitter: @AKruminis


Triumph Has a Hard Shell

Death is a Thief


Robin Maginn

Robin Maginn

Robin Maginn is an Irish writer, living in London. He has had several short stories published in print and online, including with Albedo One and Syntax & Salt. He was shortlisted for the 2010 Aeon Award, placing third; and received Honourable Mention in the Fall 2018 Ghost Story Supernatural Fiction Award.

Instagram: @maginnr

Twitter: @RMaginn

The Other Boy


D.S. Maolalaí

Diarmuid o Maolalai

DS Maolalaí recently returned to Ireland after four years away, now spending his days working dispatch for a medical supply company and his nights drinking wine. His first collection, Love is Breaking Plates in the Garden, was published in 2016 by the Encircle Press. He has twice been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Twitter: @diarmo1990

Chef’s Privilege

Microwaved meals in little rooms somewhere


Mark McConville

Mark McConville

Mark McConville is a freelance music journalist from Scotland. His work has appeared online and in print. He also loves to write cathartic fiction.

Twitter: @Writer1990Mark

Silence is Bliss

Train Wrecks


Dale McMullen

Dale McMullen is Head of Fiction at Speculative Books (@spec_books). You can find him talking garbage on Twitter @DalePMcMullen.



Paul Nevin

Paul Nevin is a London-born and based author of short fiction about ghosts, monsters, and the horror of attending a party on your own. You can follow Paul on Twitter at @paulnevin.

Cassie’s Ghost


Peter Ninnes

peter ninnes

Peter Ninnes is a freelance researcher and project manager based in Sydney, Australia. He obtained his PhD in Sociology of Education from Flinders University of South Australia. His short fiction works have been accepted in Tincture JournalBewildering StoriesLiterary YardBreach and Dimension6.

The Law of Inevitability


J. Nolan-Lee

J Nolan Lee

J. Nolan-Lee lurks in the South East of England and runs on coffee and biscuits. She is interested in urban fantasy, coming of age stories and LGBT fiction.

Twitter: @j_nolanlee



Nick Norton

Nick Norton’s work is described by Patrick Keiller: “A joy to read, Nick Norton’s wonderful book brings a headlong, associative sensibility to the literature of landscape. I wish there were more books like it.” –

Nick’s short stories can be found in Shooter, Here Comes Everyone, The Happy Hypocrite, Fictive Dream, The Honest Ulsterman, Brittle Star, and elsewhere.


Twitter: @NMNorton2

Yet These Birds Do Fly


Charlotte Ozment

Charlotte Ozment

Charlotte Ozment lives on several acres in Texas.  She finds words hidden in the world around her and can sometimes put them to paper before they fade. Her work has appeared in many unique publications found throughout the world.

Website: Reality’s Bellow

A Rift in Our Continuums


Jessica Patient

Jessica Patient has recently finished redrafting her novel, and is now trying to make herself sit down and write the next one. She has had several short stories published over the past few years and the links for these can be found on her blog. She lives here on the internet:

Twitter: @jessicapatient

Instagram: @jeckybookish

My Daughter’s Wings


T. Rios

T. Rios

T. Rios is a writer. Recently, she saw a deer. She has spent enough time in urban centres to consider this a magical experience. She blogs at, and can be found on Twitter @InSetsofThree.

From the Collected Works of the Eighty-First Mother Superior of the Noble and Holy Order of Sacred Sisters of the Three-Eyed Outcast and His Eldritch Brethren


Anna Rivers

Anna Rivers

Anna Rivers grew up in Brussels, studied English Literature at the Universities of Warwick and Oxford and now works in publishing in Oxford. She spends her free time reading, writing and practising yoga and is currently working on a novel inspired by her travels in Iceland.


My wife, the cat


Annie Rose

annie rose

Annie Rose studied the Creative Writing M.A and B.A Hons at the University of Chichester. She is currently writing a contemporary novel which features alpacas, competitive Latin and Ballroom dancing, and too many cats to keep track of. When she is stuck for the right word, she finds drinking a lot of red wine helps.

Twitter: @AnnieRoseWrites

The Wildebeest Soul Star


Joseph Sale

Joseph Sale

Joseph Sale is a novelist, writing coach, and student of Japanese. His first novel, The Darkest Touch, was published by Dark Hall Press in 2014. Since, he has authored Seven Dark Stars, Across the Bitter Sea, Orifice, The Meaning of the Dark, Nekyia and more.

He writes for GameSpew, and has an enduring love of video-games. His short fiction has appeared most recently in Tales from the Shadow Booth, edited by Dan Coxon, as well as in Silver Blade, Fiction Vortex, Nonbinary Review, Edgar Allan Poet and Storgy Magazine. In 2017 he was nominated for The Guardian’s ‘Not The Booker’ prize.

Twitter: @josephwordsmith, @project13dark


The Heaviness of All Things

The Final Tape


Iris N. Schwartz

Iris N. Schwartz

Iris N. Schwartz’s fiction has been published in dozens of journals and anthologies, including Anti-Heroin Chic, Five-2-One Magazine, Jellyfish Review, and Spelk Fiction. Her short-short story collection, My Secret Life with Chris Noth, was published by Poets Wear Prada and nominated for two Pushcart Prizes. Shame is her latest collection.

Facebook: Iris.N.Schwartz.5


Lorenza Shabe

Lorenza Shabe

Lorenza Shabe is a poet, fiction writer, and fanfic extraordinaire. Her work centers around identity and fantasy. There’s always a little sex and a lot of unapologetic exploration of heritage and queerness. From her personal research into K-pop idols and her own family history, she questions what it means to exist, what it means to love, and how corgis ended up with the cutest butts in history.

Twitter: @irLShabe

Plato’s Never Heard of Us


Amy Slack

Amy Slack

Amy Slack is an editor and aspiring short story writer from the North-East of England, currently based in London. Her work has been featured by FlashBack FictionThe Cabinet of Heed, and Visual Verse. You can find her on Twitter @amyizzylou, or follow her blog, Amy’s Ever-Growing Bookshelf, at



Hayley Sleigh

Hayley Sleigh

Hayley is currently studying for a master’s degree in Creative Writing at Univerity of Nottingham in the UK. She also works as a freelance marketing and communications consultant and copywriter. She has previously been published in The Fiction Pool, Literally Stories, Dear Damsels and others. You can find out more about her by visiting her website

Twitter: @haysleigh 

Instagram: @haysleighcreative



Hannah Stevens

Hannah Stevens

Hannah is a short story and flash fiction writer currently based in Leicester in the UK. She has a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Leicester, works part-time in the voluntary sector and lives with her house-rabbit Agatha.

For a list of her publications and research interests you can visit her website here: You can also find her on twitter: @Stevens_Han

Ten Days Missing

Joseph Surtees

Joseph Surtees

Joseph Surtees lives in London and writes mostly about memory. He’s previously been published in a few places, including Fictive Dream and Unsung Stories.

Twitter: @josephsurtees

Iron Harvest


K.R. Tester

K.R. Tester is a short, Irish ball of frustration, living in the South East, eternally wondering how one does ‘stand there like a lemon’. Lemons do not stand. She feels lied to.



Hannah Tougher

Hannah Tougher is a graduate of the Creative Writing MLitt at the University of Stirling and currently lives in Glasgow. She has previously had work published in The Ogilvie. She writes short stories but has recently developed a love for reading and writing flash fiction. She can be found on twitter @hmtougher.

A Change of Heart


Aviva Treger

Aviva Treger

Aviva Treger was born in Hastings, UK. She studied History at UCL then later trained as an actor with Questors Theatre in Ealing. She’s a new writer, with three short stories published so far.

Wake Up To Yourself

Unturn This Stone


Sarah Wallis

sarah wallis

Sarah Wallis is a writer based in Leeds, UK. 2018 publications include Pidgeonholes, Ellipsis, Best New British & Irish Poets 2018 and The Island Review, she has work forthcoming at The Interpreter’s House and Flash and Cinder in 2019. Follow her on twitter @wordweave.

Moonstruck on an Upswing


Martin Webb

Martin Webb

Martin was born and raised in Africa and now lives in England. He writes day and night, spending far too much time pondering new ideas and far too little time pursuing potential homes for his work. Martin is currently in the final stages of editing his second crime novel.

Twitter: @MWebbAuthor

The Restless Dead


Micah Wendelborn

Micah Wendelborn

Micah Wendelborn is a sci-fi and weird fiction hobbyist writer in New Zealand, with a lingering programming interest. He runs a small worldbuilding community via Discord and oversees the site “Something Strange” is his first published work. See what he’s working on via his Twitter under the guise of a home-made discord bot, @Fhinsikael.

Something Strange


Ste Whitehouse

Ste Whitehouse is a retired careers advisor who grew up reading Asimov, Moorcock and Clarke. He was shortlisted for the Creative Futures Short Story competition 2017 and was a runner-up in the Lulu Novel competition 2018 with “Soul Mates.” He has had a number of short stories published in Schlock Webzine and his comic can be found at (and it is also available on Etsy). His self-published YA novel, The Useless Princess, came out on Kindle a few years ago. He could have a social media presence, but he spends way too much time writing or playing Fallout 4 to have the time.

Kassi and the Dungeon



Christa Wojciechowski

Christa Wojciechowski

Christa (Wojo) Wojciechowski is the author of The Wrong DavidThe Sick Series, and Conviction, which was published in the 13Dark Anthology’s second issue, Cursed Crossings. Greatly influenced by Russian and Gothic literature, her characters explore existential turmoil, mental illness, taboos, and the complexity of romantic love.

Christa currently resides in the cloud forests of Panama with her husband and a house full of pets. She works as a freelance digital marketer and loves to help fellow authors build their platforms. Christa thrives on foreign movies, travel, wine, and the outdoors. Most of all, she’s passionate about books and writers, and loves discussing them with people all over the world.


Facebook: ChristaWojo22

Twitter: @christawojo

Instagram: @christawojo

The Particles Formerly Known as Troy


Darcy Lin Wood

Darcy Lin Wood

Darcy Lin Wood resides in Oxfordshire, but has Russian-British blood. With a degree in journalism, Darcy started writing fiction full-time six years ago and has since had work published in Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Bunbury Magazine, The Dawntreader and Every Day Fiction. You can find Darcy lurking around Wattpad, procrastinating on Twitter @DarcyLinWood or on Facebook at LeftFieldDarcy.

Square-Eyed in Block 6


Liz Xifaras

Liz Xifaras

Liz Xifaras lives and writes in Warwickshire. Her work has been selected for Penguin’s WriteNow Live, shortlisted for the Curtis Brown Yesterday Scholarship, awarded Third Prize in the Remastered Words Competition and placed and shortlisted in numerous others. Find her on Twitter @LizXifaras.

“The Weight on Your Shoulder” won third prize in the 2016 Remastered Words Competition and is available as part of an audio anthology.

The Weight on Your Shoulder


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