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Magic in the Digital Age by Patricia Ann Bowen

As I watch children scurry by my iron gate, I recall how I started doing the same thing when I was their age, nine, maybe ten, hurrying past this same house, pumped full of Halloween sugar, ready to jump out of my skin at any unexpected sight or sound.

At thirteen I summoned up the courage to open the creaking gate – rusty even back then – and knocked on the door, my pals cowering in the shadows. Their loss. The old crone who drew it open seemed pleased to see a brave young fellow coming to call. She put out her hand and, before I could grasp it, a dove fluttered from her gnarled palm. I stumbled backward as the bird flew up the stairwell, then perched on the banister.

Secrets by Lori D’Angelo

The blood drinking would not begin till after midnight, which was good because it gave Daphne time to prepare. 

They say that your first experience is unforgettable, a gateway to everything else. 

Daphne was 14, so she was old enough to participate if she wanted to. But she could also choose to wait. 

“You don’t want to rush it,” Serafina had told her. 

Serafina was older and a prefect and the only other girl from Daphne’s depressed farming town, so, by default, they were best friends.