Archive: 2018


Glott by Robert Boucheron

Wake Up to Yourself by Aviva Treger

A Weird Little Thing Called Life by Richard Alexander

Judgements by Ross Jeffrey



Yet These Birds Do Fly by Nick Norton

The Body Shop by Emily Harrison

A Rift in Our Continuums by Charlotte Ozment

Unturn This Stone by Aviva Treger



The Heaviness of All Things by Joseph Sale

The Weight on Your Shoulder by Liz Xifaras

From the Collected Works of the Eighty-First Mother Superior of the Noble and Holy Order of Sacred Sisters of the Three-Eyed Outcast and his Eldritch Bretheren by T. Rios

Triumph Has a Hard Shell by Aldas Krūminis



Nobody’s Girl by Jennifer Howard

Artistic Melodrama in A Minor by Jen Hughes

September 31st by Edward Field

Mates Don’t Grass by Matt Hornsby

Operation Loch Ness by C.R. Berry



Chef’s Privilege by D.S. Maolalai

Triptych by Max Dunbar

Alice, Maub & Alvert by Tim Goldstone

Forget-me-not by Jess Doyle



Something Strange by Micah Wendelborn

Time of the Djinns by Salvatore Difalco

The Ubiquitous Man by Jake Kendall

Ten Days Missing by Hannah Stevens



My Daughter’s Wings by Jessica Patient

Dessert Menu by Steve Campbell

Allegheny Spa by Robert Boucheron

BE QUIET by Dale McMullen

The Borinian Snapper by Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço



Lavender by Amy Slack

Silence is Bliss by Mark McConville

Iron Harvest by Joseph Surtees

Selling Caramel Turtles at the Concessions is Only Going to Confuse Visitors as to the Intended Use of the Reptile Ones in the Tanks by David S. Atkinson



Plato’s Never Heard of Us by Lorenza Shabe

The Great British Break-Off by Jake Kendall

My wife, the cat by Anna Rivers

Tainted by Iris N. Schwartz



Home Sweet Home by Cordelia Harrison

The Fever by Emily Harrison

Death is a thief by Aldas Krūminis

A Change of Heart by Hannah Tougher

Imagination by Hayley Sleigh



Gathering the Hill by Cath Barton

Square-Eyed in Block 6 by Darcy Lin Wood

The Wheels on the Bus by Jack Banfield

Because We Care by Cooper Anderson



The Final Tape by Joseph Sale

Where the old teahouse used to be by B.F. Jones

Wunnerful Radio Sherwoo-oood by Michael Bloor

The Image of His Parents by Laurence Klavan

Microwaved meals in little rooms somewhere by D.S. Maolalai


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