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Idle Ink is an online publisher of strange fiction. Established in 2017 as a print zine, Idle Ink celebrates new and emerging authors and poets.

Writing for publication is tricky. More and more publishers are beginning to charge for submissions, to push their response times from weeks to months and to brush off requests for feedback. Never before has writing felt more like a business and less like an art.

Idle Ink embraces art. We want the genre fiction that’s too weird to be published anywhere else. We want the stories that challenge our beliefs as well as the ones that make us chuckle. We want oddities, regardless of their commercial value. If it’s strange and questionable, we will read your work.


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All creative work published on http://www.idleink.org remains the property of their respective creators. Please do not reprint any material without the express permission of the author/poet/artist.