Tag: Identity

A Tiny Ode to Chubbiness by EL Kamaal

—for AM Mariam

Your thick thighs. Your full waist.

Your bright eyes. Your round face.—

That you walk around the streets,

Unashamed of the penetrating eyes,

Unafraid of words that hit hard as punch

The Sam Experiment by Pete Able

The old woman in the apartment across the hall always called me “Sam,” but Sam wasn’t my name. My name was Joe. But I didn’t correct her. At first it was out of embarrassment, but then I began to see humor in it. Guests would come by and she would call me “Sam” and I would explain the joke and we’d laugh about it.

But then later, after awhile, I began to think that maybe she had it right. Maybe I really was a “Sam.” I thought that maybe I was given the wrong name at birth, that perhaps there had been some kind of crazy, cosmic mix up.