EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: Nectar | Names by Danae Younge

“Nectar | Names” is one of the poems featured in Melanin Sun (–) Blind Spots, an upcoming poetry collection from Danae Younge (NFSPS Press).

Melanin Sun (–) Blind Spots is a micro-collection of 10 poems that mystify self-identification. Recipient of the 2022 Florence Kahn Memorial Award from the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, this chapbook explores the ambiguities of biracialism after the early passing of an African American father—representing blurred racial identification with moments of redaction, strikethrough, and unconventional punctuation. Younge ventures into a brief yet transportive world that is defined by its lack of definition, creates comfort in the unknown, and inhabits obfuscated spaces between the truths we are told to internalize.

Danae Younge is a four-time award-winning poet and an editor for Kalopsia Literary Journal. At twenty years old, Danae’s work has been internationally recognized by Bacopa Literary Review, Petrichor, Driftwood Press and over forty other publications as well as five worldwide print anthologies. She currently studies creative writing in Los Angeles as a rising junior.

Release date: 1st July 2022

Price: $8.00

You can buy your copy here.

Instagram: @danae_celeste_