For a Brighter Day by Mark McConville

Slender moments

Slender touch,

Blue eyes seeing red

A freckled face in the mirror

In a battered apartment room

Where tears are commonplace

Where aromas of sex and wine



The fundamentals of living

Are compromised

Dreams escape minds here

Scattered posted notes tell tales

The cockroaches swing by on occasion

They’re disgusting but interesting

They’re jittery and faster than a rapid heartbeat.



These rebellious teenagers

Go through the motions

They’re sex driven and narcotic mad

Mania is a mainstay,

And acid trips confuse their intelligent,

And innocent minds.



The fuse box is broken

The heating has malfunctioned

So they sit under rags and drink horrible wine

Talking about dreams as the candles burn bright.



The room

Isn’t a dazzling space

It’s an escapism

Filled with dirty clothes

And dirty dinner plates

And youth.



Opportunity is scarce

The economy is out of buzz

The skin of the country is bone dry

Truth be told

The horizon is bleak

The future is destitute.



These young warriors

Share a cigarette



And raise their fists

For a brighter day.


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Mark McConville is a freelance music journalist who has written for many online and print publications.