Digital Distortions by Anthony R. Salandy

I find myself begging for identity

In a world where to be anything

The ultimate choice

Is to be adored on ethereal platforms


Where substance is blurred

By the blinding lights of human intrigue

That spill over and gush into a vanity

So overwhelming that to exist-


Is to be part of tight webs

Where rumor and heartbreak grow

So effortlessly amongst

The posts and comments too-


That give life to speechless words,


But deep in the darkness of the web

I find new found faith in the actions

Of a humanity just searching

Or rather begging just as I was-


For meaning amongst digital distortions.

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Anthony is a mixed-race poet and writer who enjoys the pastoral as well as the depth of human sentiment and action and tries in earnest to express this in his poetry. Anthony travels frequently and has spent most of his life in Kuwait jostling between the UK and America. Anthony’s work has been published 13 times in Kuwait Times (“Half Kuwaiti?” ARS), The Kuwait Poets Society’s Ink & Oil Zine (June 2019), The Showbear Family Circus, Dream Noir Literary Journal, Straylight Literary Magazine, Poets Choice Magazine, The Book Smuggler’s Den, Montana Mouthful Literary Magazine, Sumou Magazine, Twisted Vine Literary Journal and The Mark Literary Review, as well as winning a Sociology Association competition (UvA) with a poem published on social media. Anthony has one upcoming chapbook entitled The Great Northern Journey. Anthony is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Sociology.

Twitter: @anthony64120

Instagram: anthony64120