Love is Like a Ferris Wheel by John Tustin

Love is like a Ferris Wheel.
You go around and around
And at the same time up
And then down.
It can get monotonous
So better to have interesting company.

No. Love is like a cake.
Savor it one slice at a time.
Eat too much or too often
And you sicken of the taste.

No. Love is like a well.
The deeper you dig, the sweeter the water.
It only takes one fool
To poison the well forever.

No. Love is like a train with no plain destination.
Board at your risk.
Board at your pleasure.

No. Love is like a tapestry.
Love is like a broken cloud.
Love is like your favorite shoes.
Love is like the sun.
Love is like the waves that beat the rocks.

No. Love is nothing but a feeling unexplained
Inside of something that does not physically exist
But we connect it to our hearts
And our hearts are the antithesis of thought and feeling.
Our hearts just do.
Our hearts do not give up as easily as most of our love seems to.

I could be happy just going up and down
Around and around
On that Ferris Wheel until I am no more
If she would be next to me
To pass the time
As we spin.

The spinning,
Is the inevitable part.

John Tustin’s poetry has appeared in many disparate literary journals in the last dozen years. contains links to his published poetry online.