Ballad of the Drowned Maid by Donnie O’Shaughnessy Mitchell

Ages ago she danced among
The joyous grey blue ocean waves
Not ever knowing she was wrong
to dance where danger lay

They watched her with eyes lit like dark flames

They spoke of stealing her beauty
Growling gurgles beneath the tide
They approached her silently
And with that they stole their bride

Fight as she may, losing breath, she died

Or what was human was put to rest
For underwater her body writhes


Though her fins are made of iron
Though her scales are made of leather
Though the black water has made
Dull her once bright golden hair
Her heart beats when the ocean flows and

Still she comes up for air

Donnie O’Shaughnessy Mitchell is a 21 year old artist and writer attending Aberystwyth University in Wales. She has received special recognition in her hometown of London for both her short films; Arkansas Black and Wake Up and is a founding member of artistic collective The Twenty-Seven. She is currently writing a magical realism book of short stories, as well as a narrative non-fiction book entitled The Feminist Policies. Her budding writing career can be followed on her social media.

Instagram: @donnielle_mitchell

Twitter: @DonnieOMitchell