Deciduous and Carnivorous by Rica Qiu

I considered the possibility
That the trees may be carnivores.
Because I could have sworn
I watched someone climb one
And never again touch the floor.

And when I spied on the trees
Through the thorns,
They did not mourn.
I could have sworn
They jeered and cheered.

And when I got too close,
I could have sworn
It was the tree who roared.
Unless roses are
Also flesh connoisseurs.

And when I traced the bark,
It felt like a corpse,
With its muscles torn
And tissues worn
As if it were weeping willows.

The rain starts to pour
The drink you have before
Each meal, and that’s when
I know I am done for.
So, I let myself be yours.

Do not grow suspicious
Of the trees –
They are deciduous
And carnivorous.
And we must act oblivious.

Rica Qiu is a 2nd year student at the University of Ottawa, currently studying for a BSc in psychology and minor in creative writing at the University of Ottawa. Outside of school, she works as a math/reading tutor, plays volleyball, and enjoys all of the arts. She hopes to keep writing poetry and posting on her poetry Instagram account (@thewaysyoumakemefeel) while pursuing a future as a teacher.