EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: Gold by Drew Pisarra

“Gold” is one of the poems featured in Periodic Boyfriends, a collection by Drew Pisarra (Capturing Fire Press).

To be blond is to be bland is to be
better is to be better than, better
than silver or platinum since to be
white is to be void, blank like a letter
that hasn’t been written yet, like a card
with its Hallmark cover and inner verse,
like a fortune cookie without regard
for its scrappy paper promise of worse
things to come. To cum is not to connect,
not automatically, not as if goo
were Elmer’s glue for the bond’s not direct;
it’s suspect when it comes to me and you.
You are that blond who leads nowhere fast
(outside the fast lane straight into my past).

Photo: Sok Song

Just in time for Pride Month, Periodic Boyfriends is an ingenious new collection of sonnets inspired by queer love and the periodic table. The book is an adventurous follow-up to the critically acclaimed sonnet collection Infinity Standing Up (“brazen and lusty and often amusing” – The Washington Post).

Release date: 1st June 2023

Price: $20 USD

You can buy your copy here or here.

A grantee of Café Royal Cultural Foundation (2019), Curious Elixirs: Curious Creators (2021), and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (2023), Drew Pisarra is also author of the previous poetry collection Infinity Standing Up and the short story collection You’re Pretty Gay (2021).

Twitter: @mistermysterio 

Instagram: @mistermysterio