Fire by Tara Lynn Hawk

(published August 2017)

You can keep

That manufactured peg self you have inside you

The one that fits all of the holes

They tell you to fit into

And now

You try to force me

To jettison my sensibilities

So you can be more comfortable

Now I will

Light myself on fire

And walk away

The ties undone

For I have experienced the others

The ones with deeper expanding

Minds ablaze with ideas nonconforming

From the library of God

And no set of rules

There is no schedule

To our convergence

The mystical is at play and adds to our psyches

Even more desire and longing

Our futures are ours alone

Fate our friend

Time our handmaiden

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Tara Lynn Hawk is a poet and writer whose work has appeared on OcculumUutSpilling CocoaAnt-Heroin ChicSocial Justice Poetry and others.  Her first chapbook, The Dead, is available for download on Smashwords.  “” @taralytnnhawk