A Rift in Our Continuums by Charlotte Ozment

(published 19th February 2018)

We share this space, this

same space, occupied by you

and I.  The same time,

identical air, the very light.



Only a shift in thought

separates us, keeps us

ignorant of each other’s

orbit.  A simple veil

made up of cosmic dross

between your reality

and all of ours.



But if I believe, can

allow myself to see

your skin through my

gravity’s wave, then

I can simply reach out

and transpose my intent

to grasp yours.



Our realities now

conjoined, a portal

born to bend both

our phenomena, the door

surely out of place.



After, we can enjoy the

different points in dimension,

count the numbers between

alternate and real,

when your reality

becomes my deja vu.


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Charlotte Ozment

Charlotte Ozment lives on several acres in Texas.  She finds words hidden in the world around her and can sometimes put them to paper before they fade. Her work has appeared in many unique publications found throughout the world.