Moonstruck on an Upswing by Sarah Wallis

(published 4th February 2019)

Tonight and every night she was the moon
listening beyond the frequency

tomorrow she was a Tuesday I dream
of touching, reaching a wingbone

and maybe she flew, maybe she flew

but she was not made
of catchable gossamer or dragonfly wings

that might keep her airborne,
she was the moonkeeper’s daughter swung

from a crescent blade that slowed, as the fulcrum

grew wide, wide as the midnight skies and her
moonstruck eyes glazed over

at the fall of night,
________________the astounding comes on us


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sarah wallis

Sarah Wallis is a writer based in Leeds, UK. 2018 publications include PidgeonholesEllipsisBest New British & Irish Poets 2018 and The Island Review, she has work forthcoming at The Interpreter’s House and Flash and Cinder in 2019. Follow her on twitter @wordweave.